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Strip Clubs
Chuck Carey
From Cape Cod Times December 97

Aside from being an affront to the dignity of man and an outright insult to women, adult operations spread like rot.

Think about it - a strip bar moves in and what happens next door ? Normal people don’t want to be near it so they move out. The property value goes down because no one wants to move their business next to it. What is the only type of business that will move in ? You guessed it. Another strip joint, porno place or other haven for the feeble minded.

Main Street Hyannis is making great strides in righting itself from the drop in standards, property values and ambiance. One of the complaints has been the objectionable lifestyles of some of the individuals who frequent the streets. The problem has been magnified by the practice of surrounding towns exporting individuals they find distasteful to Hyannis. When the powers that be in _______ (pick a town) come across someone they wish was not there, they "P and B" them. That means put them on a bus to - you guessed it - Hyannis.

Add professional homeless, belligerent youths and the human low tide of the strip club crowd and watch what happens. Or, more exactly, watch what already happened in other cities.

14 of the 15 towns on the Cape are in a position now to regulate zoning to control the appearance of strip clubs. Some have begun take steps. It is controllable in advance, unfortunately not after one gets in. Society has a tendency to devolve to it’s lowest common denominator. Perhaps the finest moment of government is to check that fall.

Barnstable, in particular, is very vulnerable to the entrance of a strip bar at present as no regulations have been formally adopted. It’s the most natural site for adult operations since it’s the center of business. That means that right now, one of the several properties for sale in and around Main Street could be purchased and used for a strip bar. Think about the type of people it would bring in (and the type of people it would drive out).

Think also about how adult video and other porno operations have already established a beachhead on Main Street, Willow Street in Yarmouth and Route 28. Their success as businesses is an expression of how the lower elements among us have prevailed and multiplied.

Are they are simply alternate entertainment for certain lifestyles ?

Or are they are a harbinger of far worse things to come ?



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