From  Cape Cod Times

 I used to have a friend who would routinely pick through the change in his pocket and throw the pennies out the car window. This was more than a few years ago when you could go all week on a twenty dollar bill. Pennies were worthless then and they’re even less valuable now.

The point is he had given up on small change. Kind of like how a lot of people give up on getting ahead, or maybe even catching up, because they are so far from it. You can’t blame them really, it is tough to make a dollar, even tougher to keep it.

But a lot of folks just stop trying and settle in to the pattern of never really attempting to achieve. There’s a lot of them and the government sometimes even coddles them, sometimes to the detriment of the folks that are trying to get ahead on their own steam.

Maybe this is why so many foreigners are taking over the "long hour" businesses. Are Americans too good to work 60 hour weeks ? Are they too busy patronizing the booming sports / entertainment industry ?

It sometimes seems as though there’s an inverse relationship between the size of one’s TV and achievement in life.

One of the hardest things to do is work when there is no assurance of success and that’s exactly what stops most people from getting ahead. The world does not owe any business a living and in a small business the owner gets just about exactly what he or she is worth.

One defeating statistic is the government classification of a small business being one that grosses less than $5 Million. That places most of us in the category under small, also known as the upper poor.

In the natural selection of businesses that make it, the crucial ingredient is often willingness to patiently endure the start-up period.

Stepping stones. One at a time. Failure is only when you stop trying.