Park Square
From  Cape Cod Times July '97

I was raised in Hyannis in the 60’s. I remember Doc Robinson who saw patients in the office attached to his big white house on Park Square. Medical practitioners in his day knew their patients because there were less of them and they often practiced alone. They had less machines, lawsuits and paperwork and more time for medicine.


Park Square is a big stately triangle with huge old trees, a big flag and a monument to soldiers who died in the World War inlaid on a huge boulder. It’s the gateway to the town as one enters from the East and it’s a pretty nice welcome. It’s near the Hospital and some people call it the East End Rotary but it’s not really a rotary. The Zoning for the area around Park Square is Professional / Residential and it’s the only such zoning in town. There’s quite a few Lawyers and Doctors in nice antique buildings and even a few people who reside in homes right on Main Street. That’s a scarce item these days. The zoning will not allow new retail uses or any such type of operation.

It’s one of the rare sections of town in which most of the original buildings are still standing, along with magnificent old trees. It looks like the type of Hyannis that people are trying to re-create in other parts of town that have been ruined.

I can’t say I think of Doc Robinson every time I drive into town but he often comes to mind, even after all these years. I can almost picture him in a small-town Jimmy Stewart movie.

Park Square is slated to be paved over and "replicated" neatly out of everybody’s way so the cars can come through in a more organized manner. They want to replace it with a four way set of lights and a turnout lane to improve traffic flow.

 In the scheme of things, something will be gained and something will be lost. Convenience will improve for the two months that traffic matters and ambiance will dramatically decline year round. Hyannis is real short on ambiance at the moment. 

There’s a lot of talk in some circles on how to improve it by growing real trees and grass with park benches around the main streets. Create parks, that sort of thing. But in the old Park Square, the pavement machine will be humming soon.