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It’s You, Not Them

From Cape Cod Times
Chuck Carey

Everyone’s blaming their problems on leaders and government. I think they all ought to go home and look in a mirror. Leaders and government are just a reflection of who they serve, they are only what we allow them to be.

The Cape’s lodging community is fragmented and dispersed without direction. The successful operators are pioneering totally on their own, leaving the rest to name a scapegoat. It’s easy to blame in this society, and hard to face the mirror. Just look at who has the biggest yellow page ads under lawyers.

Other resort communities have organized far better institutionalized assistance but here’s the question - did it grow from the top down or from the grassroots up ? When did you last speak to your representative ? To them, not about them.

Recall the absurdity of the room tax increase, when it was advertised that the hike to 9.7% would be spent on tourism related issues, such as beach cleaning. This happens while the chamber of commerce has to plead for nickels to keep the trash barrels and bathrooms going at a major rest area. Did the increase in room tax pay go into the general fund for the recent senior citizens center ? If that makes your blood run hot, did you let Democracy work in the form of a conversation with _________. Or did you just chew them out to your friends.

Witness the recent attempt in Yarmouth to assess “personal property” (motel furniture and fixtures, rugs and drapes) at $2,600 per room. Did you rant or did you canvass ? No question it’s unreasonable but the point is what did you do about it ?

Orleans has awakened to the fact that they are one of the most sought after destinations on the Cape. This summer they will have a team on the Main Streets dedicated to helping visitors with all those things they need but don’t get anywhere else on the Cape. It’s this kind of simple and direct solution that will make their town a better place to visit and lead to more tourism.

People only vote some of the time but they complain all the time. Leaders are approachable and willing to listen. Many of them will be sympathetic and get behind the cause, if it’s just. Apathy turns them off more than any thing else.

We are living in one of the most widely known destination resort areas in the world which produces $140 Million annually in just room rentals. It wouldn’t take much to convince our leaders that the Cape should legitimize itself as a resort community, rather than ignore it as is the case. Guess who it’s up to ?


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